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English texts from Raoul H. France and Annie France-Harrar (original or translated) 

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A handdrawn picture by Raoul H. France. It says all about his work, findings and theorie.



Raoul H.France

Germs of Mind in Plants 1911/1905

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Plants as Inventors 1923/1926



Annie France-Harrar

The Last Chance. For A Future Without Need.

Info, Ongoing Translation, German Original


Humus. Life in the soil and fertility

Free-phrased summary from "Introduction", by Winfried KostkaInfo on german Book


Edafil (inoculation earth / brick)

Info (German), Box (Picture)Description on Box (Picture)Manual (German)




Rene Romain Roth, Raoul H. France and the Doctrine of Life

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Raoul France's Heritage - A Nightmare for Specialists; Dr. Stephen Sokoloff



Dr. Oliver Botar – Raoul Heinrich France and Early 20th Century Central European Biocentrism

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Orbituary Annie France-Harrar; Dr. Eberhard Spohn



Annie Francé-Harrar



Our Future